Organisational Innovation

Mobilise your organisational Adaptivity

We believe in a human centred approach in which the wellbeing of people is our main focus. The personal development app Spyre is used as a catalyst for durable organisational innovation and is used to make the organisation Agile.

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Wellbeing Challenges

Successful organisations are comprised of people and teams which collaborate towards a result. Creating and maintaining an active and inspired team can be a great challenge.

This is just one the things the Covid epidemic has brought to light

  • Hoe zorg je dat de teams (weer) goed functioneren, zelfs in deze tijd?

  • Hoe zorg je er als organisatie voor dat medewerkers tot meer in staat zijn terwijl ze een lagere werkdruk ervaren?

  • Hoe zorg je ervoor dat er een nieuwe balans wordt gecreëerd die zichtbaar bijdraagt aan het welzijn van de mens in de organisatie?

Welk verbeterpotentieel herken jij?

Stuffed Agendas

Receding Performances

Increasing Pressure

We help organisations to become more Agile.

We believe in an integral approach, centred around people, using technology as a catalyst to create durable organisational innovation. This all to keep it agile and healthy.

Developing AQ

The world is always changing. As an organisation you have to adapt to stay in the game. This also means that you will be dependant on human capital. They are the thing that sets you apart. For this to be in balance you need healthy, happy and inspired people within your organisation.

For this to be in balance you need to transform your Human Resource Management (HRM) to Human Being Vision (HBV). You will be meeting yourself along this way. This journey will lead you through the 5Q’s in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lapland.

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Using workshops to your advantage

We facilitate workshops, tastings and training sessions. In this way you can meet our vision, thoughts and approach with a low threshold.

The open Inspirational will be done in 3 focus areas:

1.Scaling Agile
2.Grow Mindset

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Integral Vision

Our integral vision is comprised out of 5Q’s to mobilise untapped potential. WE combine multiple quotients:
Adaptive (AQ), Emotional (EQ), Inteligence (IQ), Physical (FQ) en Spiritual (SQ).


Spyre and the 5Q’s

The development of the 5Q’s are front and center in our app Spyre. This is your personal digital coach which guides individuals in the HBQ Innovation track. Even after completing this track Spyre will remain useful to stimulate personal growth and inspire people .

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Spyre freemium is now available for IOS and Android


Technology as a catalyst

We use technologies of today combined with game inspired learning to simplify, motivate and make learning more fun. This is more impactful and more motivational. The goal is to let people try new things and take ownership for growth.

For every HBV organisational innovation track we apply the 7x7x7 method. This means 3 phases of respectively 7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months.

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Bring your organisational Adaptivity to the next level

In this fast moving and ever changing world, organisations have to move and adapt on the fly to keep their edge

Only by doing this you can gain and have your strategic advantage.

Using an organisational innovation track together with Human Being Vision organisations will get the structure and means to keep adapting with the changes of the market, while integrated human means will keep individuals inspired and motivated to build the competitive edge of their organisation.